Hey There!

I’m Sofie, a UX Researcher based in San Francisco with an academic background in Biological Anthropology.

I understand the importance of good research. Taking time to understand a problem from all angles, collecting and analyzing data using the right methodologies, and finding evidence-based solutions are integral to my practice. I’m fascinated by the whys and what ifs of complex UX problems and am driven to understand them in order to create user-friendly experiences.

I started on a clear academic path studying human and primate behavior, earning my MSc degree and researching topics from primate brain size evolution to the roaming behaviors of wild monkeys. I also spent time as a research assistant in Zambia conducting observational research on semi-wild chimpanzees at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage.

Taking a break from the research field, I worked two years in academic publishing at PLOS, then realized how much I missed applied research; so, being the non-stop learner that I am, I enrolled in Springboard’s UX Career Track program and transitioned to user experience research and design.

Currently, I'm working as a freelance UX Researcher to help clients better understand the needs and motivations of their users.

I’m actively seeking a new role and am open to remote positions, given the current circumstances.  If you would like to know more about me, my work, or have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at sofiemariev@gmail.com.

What else?

  • 👋 My name is Sofia but I usually go by Sofie
    📖 My favorite books are Alice in Wonderland and East of Eden
  • 🐈 I have two quirky cats, Archer & Ada
  • 🎮 My Animal Crossing New Horizons island has a 5-star rating
✈️ I love to travel and have visited 17 countries so far